Bhuvaneshwar G A


Introduction: Hepatitis B virus infection is one among the principle causes of liver diseases and death, which has limited
data on demographic and epidemiological characteristics. This study aims to determine the above characters in patients
diagnosed with HBV, enrolled at saveetha medical college and hospital.
Methods: Medical records of patients aged >18yrs and diagnosed with HBV infection from June 2018 to December 2018 were analysed for this study.
Result: Among 79 patients taken for study, the male and female ratio is 55:24; mean age limit of HBV cases are between 40-48 years. Few cases
were found to be co infected with HCV and 2-3 cases were medicated workers and 21 cases received tenofovir monotherapy.
Conclusion: This study reviewed the epidemiological and demographic characteristics of HBV infected patients and revealed their role in HBV.
New measures has to be implemented for curative and preventive measures to create awareness among patients.
Aim : To determine the demographic and epidemiological characteristics of Hepatitis B infected patients in a tertiary care hospital

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