Binu A


The study intended to nd out the effect of vision training among skill ability of University level male football players. A
total of 20 healthy male university level football players were selected for the purpose of study. They were of the age
between 18 to 24 years with normal vision. The participants were randomly categorised into two groups: Group I- experimental (n=10), Group IIcontrol
(n=10). To assess the skill ability of football players McDonald soccer skill test was conducted as pre-test for both experimental and
control groups. Various specic vision training (Depth perception, Ocular motility, Quick Exposure, Opaque lifesaver card, Dice pursuits, Nearfar
chart, Gaze work, Vergennes, Tracking and Focusing) was assigned to the experimental group for a period of eight weeks with training of ve
days in a week; whereas the control group did not undergo any treatment. After eight weeks of vision training programme the post-test was
conducted for experimental and control group. The collected data on selected criterion variable was statistically analysed by using't' ratio. The
result of the present study revealed that there was signicant improvement in skill ability of experimental group due to vision training. The
hypothesis was accepted at 0.05 condence level. It was concluded that eight weeks of vision training programme helped to improve the skill
ability of experimental group. The control group had seen no improvement in skill ability.

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