Helen Merina Albert, C. Alosious Gonsago


L-histidinium methyl ester dihydrochloride (C H N O .2HCl), a semi-organic nonlinear crystal of L-histidine family was 7 11 3 2
grown by slow evaporation method at room temperature. X-ray diffraction and FT-Raman spectral studies were employed
on the grown crystal for structural analysis. The optical spectral study was performed to know the optical transmittance of the grown compound in
the visible and UV regions. Powder technique of Kurtz and Perry was employed to study the harmonic generation efciency of the L-histidinium
methyl ester dihydrochloride single crystal. The dielectric study was performed and the parameters such as dielectric loss and dielectric constant
were studied. AC conductivity studies were performed. The mechanical behaviour of the grown crystal was studied using Vickers microhardness
tester and the results are discussed.

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