Dr. Ravi Solunke


The present communication deals with a new species of the genus Dipylidium canisi, Sp. Nov. from domestic dog (Canis
lupus familiaris) at Udgir (M.S.), India. The wormcomes closer to all the known species of the genus Dipylidium in
general topography of organs but differs due to scolex is small to medium in size, dome shaped. The suckers are medium in size, ovalin shape. The
rostellum is armed, medium in size, oval in shape,18 in number. Mature segments large in size, acraspedote, each with a double set of
reproductiveorgans, longer than broad, almost 4 to 5 times longer than broad, testessmall medium in size, 235 to 240 in number, cirrus pouch
medium in size, oval in shape, medium in width, slightly curved, Vas deferens thin, directed anteriorly, and coiled, running parallel to the vagina,
vagina is thin tube, posterior to cirrus pouch, genital pores are bilateral, of medium size, oval in shape. Ovary bilobed, having 5-6 short, round,
blunt, acini, Ootype medium in size, oval in shape, Vitelline gland large in size, oval in shape.

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