Dr. Kamaxi Bhate, Dr. Ashwini Yadav


Background: Healthcare delivery in India is characterized by large urban-rural gap in terms of health infrastructure and trained manpower. To bridge this gap, Government of India has started eHealth initiatives like National Telemedicine Network (NTN) and National Medical College Network (NMCN). These have widespread application in patientcare, education, research, administration and public health.

Aim: To study utilization pattern and trend of telemedicine consultations provided at Telemedicine Speciality Centre (TSC).

Materials and methods. This was a retrospective study conducted at TSC. Data of teleservices provided from 2008 to 2017 was analyzed.

Results: Increased utilization of telemedicine services was observed with few fluctuations and regional inequalities. Imaging and speciality consultations were more commonly sought from patient nodes.

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