Tamilselvan K S, Murugesan. G, Mageshkumar. G, Suthagar. S


This paper screens the state of transformer protection oil and keeps up the transformer in solid condition. Because of absence of legitimate work, the power transformers in power board and the circulation transformers utilized as a part of open and private area are not looked after appropriately. The protecting oil in the transformer may infrequently come into contact with air because of spillage in the oil tanks or in related pipe lines, the oxidation response in the transformer oil happens, which will be additionally quickened because of temperature and nearness of impetuses like iron, copper and broke down metallic mixes in the transformer oil because of maturing. The above condition talked about will change the qualities of transformer protecting oil, which truly influences the execution of transformer and may prompts blast of transformer on the off chance that it isn't observed appropriately. The proposed framework performs sharpness and blaze point test which decides the qualities of oil whether to utilize it further or to purge and educated it to the individual worried through GSM and IoT.

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