Aswani Kumar, Dinesh Gupta



Background: Pterygium is a triangular wing shaped fibrovascular growth of subconjunctival tissue on to the cornea. Surgical removal is the treatment of choice but no single technique is successful due to high recurrence rate.

Aim: To evaluate the success and complications of sutureless glue-free conjunctival-limbal autografting in management of primary pterygium.

Materials and Methods: A prospective interventional study was carried out in 60 patients to analyse the outcome of sutureless and glue-free conjunctival-limbal autograft for the management of primary nasal pterygium. The patients were followed up after 1 week, 3 weeks, 6 weeks and at 3 months postoperatively. The mean age of the patients was 38.28± 13.77 years (range 21-67), 55% of which were females. Graft retraction occurred in 3(5%) eyes. Haemorrhage was seen in 20(33.33%) eyes at 24 hours, which persisted in only 8(13.33%) eyes at 3 weeks and resolved completely in 100% of eyes at 6 weeks. Oedema was noted in 5(8.33%) eyes at 24 hours, and resolved completely by 1 week. Recurrence of pterygium was observed in 2(3.33%) eyes at three months of follow-up.

Conclusion: Sutureless and glue-free conjunctival-limbal autograft following pterygium excision is an easy, quick, safe, effective, and economical option for the management of primary pterygium

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