Anand Ashok Bhosale, Sithy Athiya Munavarah, N Jeybalan


Introduction: Peripheral lymhadenopathy is common presentation of inflammatory and neoplastic lesions.FNAC is one of the first-line investigations of managenent for the evaluation of lymphadenopathy.Enlargement of Lymph node is seen in variety of reactive inflammatory to neoplastic conditions related to regional or systemic diseases. It is very useful, easy, rapid, minimal invasive, cost effective and accurate approach in diagnosing various lymph node lesions and helpful in the workup of management of patients with nodal enlargement. Methods: A total of 175 patients were included in our study Department of Pathology,  referred from the department of ENT, Medicine, Paediatrics, Surgery, Respiratory Medicine and Tuberculosis of Karpaga Vinayaga Hospital in the period from January 2017 to Dec 2018. Alcohol fixed and air dry smears were prepared and stain with H&E, PAP, and MGG. The special stain like PAS, ZN (20%) etc were done whenever required. Results:In present study total 175 cases of lymphadenopathy were studied. The presentation of various lymph node lesions on cytomorphological findings were Acute non-specific lymphadenitis cases were 5 (2.85%), Chronic non-specific lymphadenitis cases were 11 (8.28%), Granulomatous lymphadenopathy cases were 6 (3.42%), Tuberculous lymphadenitis cases were 60 (34.28%)’ Reactive lymphadenitis cases were 48 (27.42%), Metastasis to lymph node cases was 36 (20.57%), Lymphoma cases were 9 (5.14%). Unsatisfactory smears(11) were excluded from the study. The detailed clinical material data, relevant investigations were taken for supporting the diagnosis. Conclusion: Cytomorphological features of lymph node FNAC, used in conjunction with clinical details, laboratory test investigations, radiology imaging study will be very helpful for diagnosing various disorders. It will be rapid, cost effective, safe, and reliable method for early diagnosis and treatment of the patients


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