Dr. Mugada Hema Radhika, Dr. Manchu Someswar Rao, Dr. G. Krupa Elena, Dr. D. Asha Latha


The Stomach is affected by many conditions,a thourough knowledge of the stomach regarding its shape,position,blood supply,nerve supply,lymphatic drainage,mucular pattern,relations with other organs and anatomical variations which will aid the surgeon to avoid complications during surgeries. Shape and position of the stomach can vary greatly with or without any physiological disturbances. However some of its rare shapes may result in the formation of volvulus or may increase the risk of gastric ulcer. Variant shapes of the stomach may be of congenital occurrence or are acquired later on in life. So as examined after death the shape of stomach is usually fixed at some stage of digestive process – exibiting different shapes physiologically .  Large globular portion on the left and narrow tubular part on the right and transition between two regions is usually gradual. 50 stomachs were studied for their size and shape during the period of 2017-2019 in Andhra Medical College ,Visakhapatnam in department of Anatomy. The shape and sizes of the stomachs were noted. Sthenic  or  normal type/ J Shape Hypersthenic / Steer Horn , Hyposthenic or Asthenic type , Cascade.

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HOUR-G'LASS STOMACH. By A. E. ORR, M.D., Demonstrator ) of Anatomy MGill

Un iversity, Montreal.


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