Dr. Mrs. Manjusha Atul Bhakay


Appropriate nutrition helps to prevent nutrition-related diseases through a diet containing the right amount of food constituents, namely nutrients required for body building and defense, energy supply, and regulatory functions. When foods are not consumed in quantities commensurate with individuals’ body needs, malnutrition or over-nutrition may set in. 

The present study looked at the awareness of layman about lipids as a nutrient and explored the various information and misinformation they had regarding fats and oils, their role and importance in the body. The study was carried out by random sampling on 100 ladies from Nashik city with varying educational background. A simple questionnaire was used to gather information. It was concluded that, given the role played by nutrients in promoting health and optimal functioning in humans, counseling and education about diet and nutrition needs to be made a priority by all relevant professionals, including nutritional counselors, home economists, and dieticians.

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