Dr. Cristalle Soman, Alanoud Almuhrij, Norah Alghusen, Faisal Abdulrahman Alsubaie, Manal Aljamal, Rasha Alrasheed


Objectives: Extraction of mandibular posterior teeth followed by immediate implant placement is considered as an optimal technique of immediate prosthetic rehabilitation. The analysis of alveolar bone dimensions with Cone Beam Computerized Tomography prior to implant placement is a prime determinant in treatment planning. Hence this preliminary study was conducted to analyze the alveolar bone dimensions in dentate mandibular posterior teeth to evaluate the available bone which can be utilized for immediate implant placements.

Materials and Methods: Retrospective data of 200 cases of full volume CBCT was procured from Riyadh Elm University (REU) database and reviewed for eligibility. A total of 10 cases were included in the study. Scans were assessed for thickness of buccal and lingual walls at 4mm below the CEJ (MP1) and at midroot level (MP2). Alveolar width was assessed at most coronal point on alveolar bone (BW1) and at superior border of mandibular canal (BW2). The height was be calculated by measuring the vertical distance between BW1 and BW2. Data was tabulated and statistically analyzed using unpaired t-test.

Results: The results of our study indicates that dimensions of buccal and lingual bone walls of all teeth at MP1 and MP2 in PM1, PM2 and M1 were statistically significant. Also only the 1st premolar (PM1) showed statistical significance with regard to dimensions at BW1 and BW2. Conclusion The present study highlights the need for further studies with larger samples which can impact the immediate implant success rates in mandibular posterior teeth.

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