Dr Bhushan Naitam, Dr Devishri Atram, Dr Amol H Dube


Background: Fibroadenomas are the most common benign breast diseases in country. Aim of study is to determine  some demographic factors & the clinical summary of fibroadenoma cases in our tertiary care hospital. Material&Methods: A retrospective cytological study of fibroadenoma for period of 2years from medical records of January2017 to December2018. Results: All 142 cases were females. Most common age group was 21 to 30 years (50%) followed by 31 to 40 years (38%). Right breast was commonly involved and most fibroadenomas were confined to upper and outer quadrant. Conclusion: .FNAC of breast is economic, safe, and highly accurate method for diagnosis of breast lump preoperatively to avoid undue surgery and inconvenience during biopsy. Health education, Breast self-examination and FNAC is recommended for early diagnosis and management.

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