Dr. P. Monikha, Dr. R. Ramakrishna Naik, Dr. P. Ravi Theja


Background :  Blunt abdominal trauma is the 3rd most common form of injury in road traffic accidents after orthopaedic injuries and head injuries and the victims mostly are young, productive adults and hence it has got enormous socio-economic impact.8

Method :  A prospective detailed study and analysis of 125 cases of abdominal trauma those admitted in this tertiary care centre over a period of 2 years from 2017 -2019 was undertaken with the review of the medical literature.

Results : Blunt injury abdomen is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in young age patients with Road traffic accident being the most common cause. Males are affected more than females. In our study, Liver is most commonly involved organ than spleen which is contrast to literature.

Conclusion :  Early diagnosis reduces the mortality rates  and safety measures in roads prevent the injuries , both play a major role in good outcome.

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